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Posted by XplosiveAwesomeness - May 31st, 2010

Welp, the subject says it all: I'm officially eligible to be official! Which can only mean one thing, I finally submitted my forth piece of art and can now be scouted....dun dun DUN. In truth my first 4 submissions could have been better but I feel it gives a pretty nice show case of my general style, wish I could've worked in some of my colored pencil work though. Ah, well. So go ahead and scout away, unless you don't like my work...but that'd make you a fag. You don't wanna be a fag do 'ya? DO YA!? D<

Posted by XplosiveAwesomeness - April 12th, 2010

Well, I'm pretty new to these grounds.....haha....get it? It's a play on words! ...No? Ok...lmao. What's better than making my debut to NG with a terrible joke....nothing. No but seriously I am pretty new, I mean it's not like I've never been here before but I've never actually participated and submited stuff. A good friend of mine that goes by the name comicretard convinced me to join-since he is constantly talking about how freakin amazing this place is and junk. And so far....it is pretty awesome. But I'm getting off topic, my name is Briana and I want to be an artist of some sort in the future. And I suppose to do that I'm gonna need to start somewhere. Now I know what you're thinking "Why not just use Deviantart?" Well....I did and it didn't work out well....at all, and I was told that the NG community is really awesome and just by looking around and seeing everyone who got their start here and got big like Edd Gould, jmtb02, the guys from Explosm.net and all that stuff. I never really knew how much of the awesome stuff I've seen originated here. And after discovering all this, I think I can lay some pretty solid groundwork here, now keep in mind some of the stuff I'm gonna end up submiting will be dead serious, others....might just be tests and doodles, and other crap....so yeah. Wish me luck!