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Entry #2

Officially eligible to be official

2010-05-31 04:27:49 by XplosiveAwesomeness

Welp, the subject says it all: I'm officially eligible to be official! Which can only mean one thing, I finally submitted my forth piece of art and can now be scouted....dun dun DUN. In truth my first 4 submissions could have been better but I feel it gives a pretty nice show case of my general style, wish I could've worked in some of my colored pencil work though. Ah, well. So go ahead and scout away, unless you don't like my work...but that'd make you a fag. You don't wanna be a fag do 'ya? DO YA!? D<


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2010-05-31 05:17:54

Giant Turtle is my new favorite turtle. I am awed by it's epic turtle-y-ness!

XplosiveAwesomeness responds:

Why, thank you! He's my fanorite turtle too :D